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Unlimited Bandwidth – A fact or Myth?

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First and foremost is to understand what bandwidth is and then we can proceed with the statement as to whether unlimited bandwidth that is promised by many web hosting service providers is a fact or a myth. It is important to understand the concept simply because it will be silly to jump into any conclusions based on the above statement while choosing your web host service provider.


Definition of bandwidth


Bandwidth is the measurement of the amount of data transmitted over an internet connection in a given time. It is usually specified in the hosting package. Some web host service providers calculate bandwidth on a monthly basis. In case you exceed the specified bandwidth there are two options:

  1. Your site is plugged off once you exceed the specified bandwidth
  2. Your site remains up but you will be billed separately for the extra using up of bandwidth


Measuring Bandwidth


It is important to evaluate the consumption of bandwidth while deciding on the web plan. The bandwidth consumption depends on the size of site as well as the probable number of hits received by the site which depends a lot on the popularity of the site.


In case a website is of size 50 KB and it receives 50 hits in a month then the data transferred from this website comes to 50x50=2500 KB.


Deciding on the bandwidth plan


The bandwidth consumption depends on the two factors viz. size of website and its popularity. So while deciding on the bandwidth we need to evaluate these factors and accordingly decide the size of bandwidth to suit our needs.

  • Small Plan


In case the size of the website is small and it has minimal hits it will be wiser to choose a small plan with smaller bandwidth.


  • Medium Plan

In case the website is big or it has downloadable video or images and has considerable hits it is wiser to choose a medium plan in advance to evade extra charges later.




  • Large Plan


If the website is large and popular which means innumerable hits in a day it is recommended to go in for a huge bandwidth.


Unlimited bandwidth


Many web host service providers claim that they provide unlimited bandwidth. It is nothing but fiction and one need to go through the entire terms and conditions of those concerns who suggest that they provide unlimited bandwidth. It is mostly an advertising gimmick and the companies use it only to tap and fool the potential customers. Once you fall into this trap you might have to pay extra from the first month itself.


If we use our commonsense we know that nothing in this world comes free and if someone is making such a promise it becomes a must to go through every minute details provided to locate any hidden charges that will be required to pay later. We must understand that the company is also here to stay and how can it sustain in business if it incurs cost on our behalf. Either the company is cheating or it has intentions to collect money and flee.


In some cases the companies use this term “unlimited bandwidth” to woo customers and forcibly makes them take up a higher plan that in no way suit the individual needs. The company knows very well that the customer will never be able to exceed that bandwidth and so they offer them such a plan and make easy money by fooling people. Again at times they restrict downloading of video or files so that you don’t exceed the prescribed limit.


Hence the best option is not to go for “unlimited bandwidth” trap and play safe. You can always purchase bandwidth later once you fall short of prescribed limit in the long run. It is worthwhile to remember that it is impossible for any provider to give unlimited bandwidth or disk space free.

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